The Colibri, guest house, is convivial with his meals took in common around a long table. The narrations of the day's discoveries and places to visit are shared.

In a lush garden, the new rooms are endowed with a terrace with a remarkable view. Here a rising sun.




For a walk in the vestiges of the terrestrial paradise, visit the "vallée de Mai". Take advantage of one sunny day because the huge palm trees with their gigantic leaves form a botanical cathedral. Here a baby coco de mer palm!!


3 trails browse the park. The local time estimated to do them is to divide by 2. So do the 3 walks because it's an enchantment. There are the female Coco de mer palm and the male coco de mer palm ...

.....and the "cocofesse".

Anse Lazio is the perfect place to have a lunch. The restaurant "Bonbon Plume" is just at the entry on the right. It's relaxed and refined at a time. We adored.

After you've just to relax on the beach. Walk a little on the left, you will find small intimate creeks... and if you foresaw a snorkle you will cross turtles and rays.
Anse "La Blague" is brilliant for diving and always quiet. Hotel "la Vanille" edges the beach. The road that go there is like a roller coasters.


You will never be alone on the islands. Raise your eyes at the bus terminus at anse Lazio, an huge mango tree over the bar, is covered with thousands of bats.

These beautiful spiders swarm !!! They are innocuous and useful because they devour the mosquitos.
The sand swarms of small crustaceans.
and the roads, of small lizards.



Visit La Digue